Friday, December 4, 2009

5 x 5 Canvas Art

I really have fun making these canvas. I covered the entire canvas with a homemade mixture of shimmer paint, white acrylic paint and reinkers. I would use my heat gun in between layers to speed the drying.

I used brown Stazon ink for the wings & saying on vellum and then water colored the wings on the backside of the paper to prevent it for running or smearing when I distressed it. I then crumbled and lightly sanded the vellum and finishing it by spritzing with my homemade shimmers (shimmer paint, alcohol and reinker)

As you can see here I used my various homemade shimmers on the entire piece! One of my favorite things to play with right now!

The leaf was stamped using a watercolor technique, I made a stamp pad with moist folded paper towels. I placed a few drops of reinkers in three different colors and then spritzed the towel with water one more time. I was able to make several impressions before having to spritz again! The picture really does not show the different shades very well but in person you can see it.

I wrapped a piece of suede colored cardstock around the canvas but first I did a wash of shimmer over the entire surface.

I dyed this twill ribbon in my in one of my brown shimmers, it was bright white to start with.

I sanded the bright copper brads to expose the silver edges for a more distressed look.

I used brown Stazon ink around all the edges.

You can tell in the bottom of this picture that the background had a blue/green shimmer depending on how the light hits it. Really pretty. I finished the back with a 4/75" x 4.75" piece of card stock to hide all the ends of ribbon and card stock that wrapped around.

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  1. WOW!! Connie this is just gorgeous. Love it
    Naomi W