Friday, April 3, 2009


Well today I do not have a card to share but a VERY special project close to my heart. My friend and co-worker Wayne, passed last April from Pancreatic Cancer at age 43. At the time I set up a memorial fund and I knew I wanted to do something to honor him. I wanted a monument that was functional ... I first designed a tall tablet with a floating bench seat that came out of it, but since we were placing it on Forest Service land they would not allow it, they said we could do a bench and that was it. So back to the drawing table I went and came up with a bench. I worked with a talented local artist to fine tune the design. I am so happy we just completed the installation of the bench, it is at the start of the river trails our company built a few years back with Wayne as the project manager, it is placed under a big oak tree and when you sit on it you get a beautiful view of Mt. Lassen. Wayne loved the outdoors so this was a fitting place to have it. I love walking and biking on these trails and I am so excited to have the spirit of Wayne there with me!!


  1. I'm touched by your story. Your friend Wayne has been blessed to have a wonderful friend like you. . his bench is beautiful!! What a lovely dedication. I'm sorry you lost a friend at the prime of his life. . he must be missed dearly!


  2. What a lovely tribute to Wayne Connie. SUch a wonderful way to remember a friend.