Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No Stamps Required!

This is from a class I did a while back to illustrate that you can create cards without inking a stamp and using your existing supplies. I had several scrapbooking enthusiast that wanted to create cards but we intimidated by it all. They did not have any stamps and felt like they could not participate in my sketch classes. So I had to prove them wrong!! This is a simple fun card easy for any level of experience. The eyelets could have been easily substituted with brads or rhinestones, etc. I wish I could remember where this paper is from....I really liked it!
I am posting a few older cards for the rest of the week as my hubby is going in for surgery and I will be busy taking care of him. I have scheduled a few post in my absence. These are all samples from various classes I have held. Nothing extraordinary but still worth sharing.


  1. I think your no stamp card is beautiful. I sometimes create scrappy cards. . .it's a nice change sometimes. Love the blue hues to your card and the pretty paper.

    I wish your husband a speedy recovery from his surgery. Be sure to take care of yourself also!!


  2. Hope your hubby is doing well and you are surviving it also!